Blog claims deputies, health department workers kicked out of local gym while enforcing rules on gatherings

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A video purporting to show local lawmakers and health department workers being escorted out of the Orchard Park gymnasium has garnered much attention.

ORCARD PARK, NY – A video purporting to show local lawmakers and Department of Health workers escorting outside Orchard Park gymnasium has garnered much attention.

to me Share a blog and video Tim Walton, lawmakers from the Erie County Sheriff’s Office and members of the Erie County Health Department visited a private gym in Orchard Park and were kicked out Friday night.

Ruby Deniro has the ultimate athletes. According to Walton, more than 100 Buffalo-area business owners have been in the gym to brainstorm to get around the Orange Zone’s closing restrictions that just went into effect.

Walton says lawmakers and health department members “let themselves in” and attempted to break up the meeting, citing Governor Andrew Cuomo’s rules prohibiting gatherings of more than 10 people.

In an interview with 2 On Your Side, Dinero said, “I am a local business owner. My business is now closed for the second time, so I posted on Facebook that anyone who wants to resist, any other business owners who want to know how we can fight against New York State, can join me.” To protest in my gym. “

Deniro said he was overseeing the protest when he was notified that representatives from the mayor’s department and the Erie County Health Department were in his building.

He said that people at the protest told them they were not welcome in the gym and eventually forced them out of the building.

Deniro added that he is now filing a complaint with the sheriff’s office.

I asked 2 on your side from attorney Barry Kurt for a legal analysis.

“The building owner had the absolute right to require law enforcement authorities and the Ministry of Health to leave unless they had a search warrant,” the secrecy said, adding, “There is no exception for COVID to the Fourth Amendment requirements for a search warrant with probable cause.”

It should be noted that the Sheriff of Erie County, Tim Howard, said last week that his deputies would not be used to disperse gatherings of more than 10 people; However, his comments were regarding Enforcement in Erie County homes on Thanksgiving.

In the video someone can be heard saying, “This is private property. I am not desirable here.” The video also shows health department employees and representatives escorting to the door, chanting “Get out.”

2 On Your Side spoke to Dinero in May when he posted on his social media pages that he was intending to hold classes in defiance of Como’s prefect shutdown of gyms. You can read that story Here.

2 On your side you work to get the hang of both sides. We also contacted the governor’s office for comment.

The Erie County Department of Health released a statement Saturday morning saying, “We are gathering information and we’ll have more to share at our press conference on Monday.”

Erie County Executive Director Mark Bolloncars spoke about the situation Saturday morning on WBEN saying, “Yeah, I got copies of the videos that were sent in. I know there was a planned rally at a site. And then based on our Health Department rules – And we are supposed to follow it, because it was a mass gathering – I think they went out with the vice mayors to inform them that it would be against the rules. I haven’t had a full report on that yet, I’m sure I’ll learn more about it in the next 24 hours. “

Regarding COVID-19, Poloncars added, “This is real and these are the real stories about who we are unfortunately losing in our society due to this terrible disease and that is why our health department is there to enforce the rules.”

You can watch the full video below:

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