Borrello: Cuomo administration ignoring rural New Yorkers during COVID-19 vaccination process

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According to a report by NBC News, when the Biden administration began searching for small vaccination sites across the state, it initially looked into the Chautauqua Co.

Buffalo, New York – With four mass COVID-19 vaccination sites just a few days away from opening across New York State, NBC News reports The federal government originally had its eye on another site.

According to the report By Jonathan Allen, As the Biden administration began searching for small vaccination sites across the state, it initially turned toward Chatuca County. NBC News says federal officials have used the Social Vulnerability Index, ranking sites across the state based on a variety of factors, including, but not limited to, income, unemployment and race.

Based on this indicator, Chautauqua County was one of the top contenders for the vaccination center. However, New York state officials have reportedly said no. Instead, sites were selected in Buffalo, Rochester, Albany, and Yonkers, which are regions NBC News reports They are “more densely populated, a more dense minority and more politically important to Democrats than Chutauqua County.”

After this report, New York State Senator George Borrello said that the Como administration was “practicing politics” and had chosen to ignore New Yorkers, describing it as a “slap in the face.”

Borrello says the governor set the policy on public health with this decision. He went on to say that he plans to work with Congressman Tom Reid and the federal delegation to rescind the decision.

You can read the full statement from Borrello below:

“I am outraged by today’s NBC News report that plans by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to locate a vaccination center in Chautauqua County have fallen victim to the rude political maneuvers of the Como administration.

“While the CDC data found that the demographics in our county met its criteria for the underserved population, it did not appear to be in line with the political priorities of the governor, who switched the planned vaccination site to another site. His actions are another slap on the surface. The face of rural New Yorkers, whose needs have been constantly ignored by this administration.

Throughout the emerging coronavirus crisis, “the ruler’s following the science,” a look at the data slogan was the hallmark of his briefings. He criticized others for whom he accused of setting policy on public health. Nevertheless, his cold political calculations toward a group of New Yorkers supposedly Represented by sheer hypocrisy.

I will work with Congressman Reid and our federal delegation to repeal this unfair decision. Today is just one more reminder of why the Senate needs to vote to abolish the governor’s emergency powers immediately. “

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