bizsafe renewal audits

Everything You Should Know About Bizsafe Renewal Audits

The bizsafe renewal audits required audit for all firms wanting or renewing bizSAFE level 3 bizSAFE Partnership certification. It is also a required audit for any Workers to renew their license.

Managing risk is a methodical technique to assist workplaces in reducing risks at the source. It is intended to evaluate the organization’s adherence to the Health and Safety At work Act, Risk Management Regulations, and bizSAFE Level three certification standards.

The Occupational Safety and Health Regulations cover all workplaces. Employers must manage workplace risks under this Act, and employees must follow safe work practices.


bizSAFE status remains valid for a period after approval. If the company’s CEO or any Management changes, the new Management must attend the applicable bizSAFE Level 1 Course if they have not already attended one. This requirement will apply to all aspects of an enterprise’s existing bizSAFE Grade. To maintain their bizSAFE Recognition, applicants must advance to Level 2 or higher.


  • MOM Certified Scaffolding Workers must get or renew their license.
  • To gain a competitive advantage.
  • To increase the scope of business.

Renewal verifications must be done before the Certificate of Comply or the Safe Work Certificate’s validity expires. The renewal inspection will include all aspects of safety management and the ISM Code’s operations.

The reassessment includes a review of the quality management system’s historical performance over the previous certification period, including an evaluation of documents and records relating to internal audits, management review, and the efficacy of remedial actions, among other things.