Erie County COVID-19 positive rate drops in Orange Zone, spikes in Yellow Zone

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The positive rate on Friday in the Western New York area was 5.7%, up from 4.1% on Wednesday and Thursday. The average turnover for seven days is 4.99%.

Buffalo, New York – The numbers haven’t changed much for the Orange County, Erie County, which showed a slight decrease with the most recent batch of numbers.

However, they jumped 1 percent in the county’s yellow zone.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo provided an update on the state’s progress on the COVID-19 pandemic in an email Saturday.

Friday’s positive rate in the New York area was 5.7 percent, up from 4.1 percent on Wednesday and Thursday. The seven-day rolling average for the region is 4.99 percent.

In the Orange County of Erie County, average seven-day turnover dropped from 7.40 percent on Friday to 7.25 percent on Saturday.

In the Yellow Zone of Erie County, average seven-day turnover increased from 6.57 percent on Friday to 7.58 percent on Saturday.

According to Mark Polloncars, Erie County executive director, the seven-day county-wide positivity rate is 7.1 percent, and the one-day positive rate for Friday is 6.9 percent, with all districts included.

The yellow district in Niagara County showed a slight decline, from 4.4 percent on Friday to 4.3 percent on Saturday for the seven-day average of rolling.

Statewide, the positivity rate is 2.87%.

Cuomo promoted the record-breaking test results of 207,907, but said that more must be done to curb the spread of the Coronavirus, warning that Thanksgiving is not a time of indiscipline.

“As we continue to see an increase in COVID-19 cases worldwide, our meticulous data-driven cluster strategy – centered around a robust testing program – has helped New York maintain one of the lowest infection rates in the country,” Cuomo said in a statement. . .

“However, we are by no means immune to the problems we see elsewhere, and we are entering a very dangerous period with the approaching cold weather and the holidays. I understand the desire to meet with your loved ones and celebrate the holidays, but truly loving someone in 2020 means Unfortunately you may not be together physically, “added Cuomo.

“Time and time again, New Yorkers have shown their strength to keep themselves, their families, and their communities safe, and we must continue to do so, no matter how difficult it is. By making these tough decisions and practicing, the behaviors we know are helping to stop the spread, and we will transcend this as a nation.” Single, united and loving. “

Increase hospitalization locally and statewide

As cases continue to rise, hospital capacity becomes an important factor in the response to COVID-19. Locally and statewide, the number of hospitalized patients has increased.

The latest data available for hospitalizations locally is Thursday, November 19. On that day, there were 242 people in Western hospitals in New York, up from 233 on Wednesday.

Erie County had 200 of these patients, which was also up from 194 patients the day before. 48 people in western New York were in intensive care units, of whom 38 were in Erie County. Of these patients in Erie County, 15 were auxiliary airway.

Erie County Executive Director Mark Bolloncars says that of the patients admitted to hospital that day, 42 percent were 64 years of age or younger.

On Saturday, the governor’s office said the statewide number of hospitalizations reached 2,443, an increase of 95 from the previous day. There were 381 newly admitted patients and 265 discharged from hospital.

There are people receiving treatment in 50 of New York State’s 62 counties. Of the 2,443 hospitalized patients, 467 were in intensive care units, an increase of 22 patients. In the intensive care units, 212 of these patients were intubated.

And 34 people died statewide from the virus on Friday, including one in Allegheny County and nine in Erie County. So far, 26,326 people have died in New York from the virus.

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