Local retailers prepare for possible ‘Red Zone’ COVID cluster designation

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Buffalo, New York – There is still no official word from the state on whether Buffalo and other parts of Erie County would be considered a red district.

If that happens, there will be many impacts, including all non-essential businesses that will need to be closed.

There were no announcements Tuesday from Governor Andrew Cuomo in WNY Bloc areas – one day after the governor said Buffalo and areas around the city were on their way to becoming red cluster areas.

Erie County Executive Director Mark Bolloncars said the state is looking at data a week before making any additional decisions on cluster areas.

“I’ve sort of set my work up with red in mind and another potential shutdown event,” said Joanna Dominguez, who manages to put a plant on it in Elmwood Village, which opened during the pandemic. She says she will adapt if she is forced to close her doors.

“I’m working on getting all the inventory on the website and everything like that. We already have an appointment with scheduling software set up so people can set up video shopping calls, so we’re going to do that and we’re going to do that We are also providing the sidewalk and we’ll start playing and playing to see how We can do delivery too, “said Dominguez.

Some retailers say the completely digital transformation will not be so easy. 2 On Your Side talk to Crista Penner, the owner of Shop Craft, an exhibition and gift shop in Elmwood.

“For us, this is particularly challenging because we stock up on one of the nice items, so we don’t have a lot of stock photography. So being able to try to get it all online digitally is a big business for us,” Benner said.

For businesses at the moment, some retailers tell us that they have seen a slight increase in holiday shopping sales since parts of Erie County including Buffalo were designated as orange clusters – forcing gyms and personal care companies to close.

“It was a good boost for us,” Benner said. “Our sales have definitely gone up because people are definitely trying to get in here when they know that we can still expect a pullback when we go into the red if that is the case.” .

A spokesperson for the county executive says there is no new information to report on block area hires.

Meanwhile, in Niagara County, the speaker of the county legislature told us, that it has heard a slight increase in beauty salons, since parts of Erie County entered the orange zone last week, giving rise to hair and nail salons and other beauty salons. Risk of closing non-core businesses.

“Some companies are indicating a slight uptick, but there’s nothing overwhelming at this point,” said Rebecca Weidisch, president of Niagara County. “What I’m seeing are comments on social media posts on Facebook where people from Erie are commenting, well, we’re just going to county.” Niagara and we’re going to those areas instead. “

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