New York State announces ‘micro-cluster strategy’ to tackle COVID-19 hotspots

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The governor says New York State will now track COVID-19 clusters down to specific areas across the state, as precisely as “block by block.”

Albany, New York – New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced a new change in The state recently announced its cluster action initiative in a. Saturday.

The governor says New York State will now track COVID-19 clusters down to specific areas across the state, as precisely as “block by block.” The country calls this “small block targeting”.

The governor says the new change will require more testing, as well as a more targeted and responsive approach. However, it will allow for less business disruption, as the data can be used to define more specific cluster areas. Then, the responses within the collective action initiative can be applied to that specific area, rather than a wider area.

“We now have more development because we’ve been in it for seven months,” said Cuomo. “ So instead of looking at the COVID-19 data at the state, regional, district, or even neighborhood level, we’re now going to analyze it at the cluster level by cluster.

“A small group strategy is not just about calibrating the state or region, but also calibrating those specific geographic areas only. Target them and target your strategy down to that level of activity. It requires more testing, more targeted testing, then you have to be responsive to situations in those The area defined by mitigation measures has the advantage of causing less disruption. “

Cuomo added that he plans to continue this approach until a vaccine becomes available.

The governor also announced Saturday that New York state set a new record on Friday: Cuomo says that 159,972 tests have been conducted for COVID-19 statewide.

On Friday, the positive rate for COVID-19 tests was 1.11 percent, including in the red district areas of the state. The state calculates 1.02 percent of tests come out positive without including the red areas.

Meanwhile, the rate of positive tests in Western New York was the same as on Thursday at 1.4 per cent.

And hospitalizations increased statewide by 11 to 929 patients. There were 139 newly admitted patients and 118 discharged from hospital on Friday. There are currently 195 people in intensive care units statewide, and of these patients, 103 have been intubated.

Nine people died in New York state on Friday from the virus, among them a Cattaraugus individual, and one person who was not a resident of New York State. So far, 25,637 people have died in New York from the virus.

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