NYSDEC cites, suspends Sheridan Park Crematory at Amigone Funeral Home

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State and local officials called for an investigation after residents reported dense black smoke in the air on September 9.

Tonawanda City, New York – The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) filed a Notice of Violation to Sheridan Park’s crematorium at Amigon’s funeral home on Sheridan Road.

This comes after Tonawanda Town Council member Shannon Patch took a photo showing dense smoke coming from the facility on September 9.

She said, “I definitely thought I would stop calling 911 because someone’s house or supermarket was on fire, and when I got onto the road I realized it was coming from Sheridan Park’s crematorium at Amigon’s funeral home.”

Tuesday, NYSDEC confirmed that the incinerator violates two provisions of its air quality permit and that cremation operations will be suspended until the investigation is complete.

On Sunday, Society Member Shawn Ryan and Tonawanda Town Council Member Bill Conrad called for a suspension of cremation during the investigation.

“I was pleasantly surprised when I heard this morning that they were taking such a quick action,” said Conrad.

“I think it should be a wake-up call for the company to say well that we’re going to move from this area to a less dense area of ​​this neighborhood in Tonawanda,” Ryan said.

NYSDEC issued the following statement:

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) sent a Notice of Violation (NOV) Monday to the Sheridan Park incinerator at Amigon Tonawanda Church at 2600 Sheridan Street in Tonawanda Township for violating two conditions of the air quality permit. Due to the harmful emission of dense black smoke into the environment and society Ocean On September 9, DEC immediately responded to public reports of black smoke emitted from the chimney of the Sheridan Park incinerator and began an investigation, which is still ongoing.

“Sheridan Park is not conducting cremations at this time and cremations should not resume pending the DEC’s review of Sheridan Park’s internal report on last Wednesday’s incident in addition to full and complete clarification that Sheridan Park is using the required corrective measures and is approved by the DEC.” Full compliance with all state air quality requirements to ensure public health and the environment are fully protected Additional information will be provided when available“.

“I am very pleased to see the Dubai Economic Council act quickly and decisively after the disturbing plume of black smoke from the Sheridan Park incinerator escalated at the Sheridan Drive facility in Amigon,” said Ryan. “The decision reached to stop cremation is the right one to ensure the safety of the facility’s neighbors first. I have complete confidence that the Economic Development Board, in cooperation with Sheridan Park, will identify the problems that caused this event and take the necessary steps to keep our community safe.”

“This is a fairness issue,” Patch said. “It is not fair for the big companies in Tonawanda that follow the rules, it is not fair for our city, and most of all, it is not fair for these residents who cannot use their yards or have a family because I don’t know when they might deal with the smoke and smells of Amigone. DEC agrees with us – mysterious black smoke clouds are not good in our society, and I appreciate their prompt action. ”

The crematorium closed on Sheridan Road in 2012 after years of complaints from neighbors. In 2014, The boycott prevented him from reopening. And in 2016, a judge said it could be reopened, and the company worked with the state to meet new emissions standards.

Team 2 from your side has reached the Sheridan Park incinerator for their response to the violations, and we await a response.

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