PlayStation 5 UI revealed: “Activity” shortcuts, picture-in-picture

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Click on one of these activity cards, and it will quickly load into the relevant portion of the game (thus reviewing the PS5’s NVMe 4.0 load time boosts) and then offering a series of hints for any goals or acquisitions you missed. At this point, if you are a paid PlayStation Plus subscriber, you can click these tips to see pictures or video to direct your way instead of grabbing a nearby phone or laptop to search for a user-made tutorial. Then tap an extra button to leave these tips open in picture-in-picture mode.

Sony’s video does not explain how many games we should expect these hints to appear in or whether Sony itself might adopt these hints and systems for non-Sony games. From the look of things, it would be up to the individual game developers to build related activities and tips.

The video also emphasizes a funky picture-in-picture option for at least one type of video content: your friends’ gameplay feeds. This requires your friend to click “Share Screen” on their own system, at which point you can paste the video broadcast to your screen, either as part of a custom column or as an embedding on top of your gameplay.

We at Ars Technica are not biased by watching friends’ gameplay feeds while playing games. One game at a time here, please. But we have other ideas for the feature, which currently raises an interesting question. While the rest of the video included a look at the “Main Menu” interface, which can be accessed with a double press of the PlayStation button and better resemble the interface of the PS4 game library, the video narrator made it clear that Sony was not ready to reveal the PS5’s “media” feature set.

Xbox One launched with “Snap” as a way to include media apps in a sidebar next to whatever game you were playing, just for the sake of This feature was withdrawn in 2017. Among other things, killing the feature increased the processing power of the games. But the PS5 appears to have the potential to provide things like stream video; Does this mean that we should expect media apps like YouTube, Twitch or Netflix to act as picture-in-picture feeds, so that you can watch your favorite series that are worth watching while searching the daily newspaper Destiny 2, the warAnd the like? Currently, Sony is not saying.

This second gallery offers a look at the main menu interface, which is only briefly explored in the video. Among other things, it appears to confirm that the PlayStation Store interface is now linked directly to the main menus rather than asking to boot into a separate app, and the ad-laden Explore tab essentially keeps the rest of the game selection interface clean instead of placing blocks full of ads on Any virtual pages.

In addition, we finally got confirmation of what we had long assumed: that the microphone built into the DualSense controller will enable instant messaging to speak to text, if you want to quickly send a message or comment on a picture to friends without catching and tapping an on-screen keyboard .

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