Trump replaces FCC member in bid to push through Twitter/Facebook crackdown

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FCC Commissioner Michael O'Reilly speaks at a conference while looking at FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr and Chairman Ajit Bay.
Zoom in / Republican members of the Federal Communications Commission (LR), Brendan Carr, Michael O’Reilly, and Chairman Ajit Bae participate in a discussion during the Conservative Political Action Conference on February 23, 2018, in National Harbor, Maryland.

President Donald Trump today appointed one of his administration officials to serve on the Federal Communications Commission in an effort to advance the proposed crackdown on social media.

Trump card Advertise Nomination of Nathan Simington, who is currently a Senior Advisor at the National Communications and Information Administration (NTIA). Simington “has played a significant role in the agency’s social media regulation agenda,” it also I mentioned the tip Last week when news broke that Trump was considering picking Simington for the FCC position.

Simington will replace Republican Michael O’Reilly who It appears to have angered Trump By saying that the FCC should support First Amendment speech protections “that apply to corporate entities, especially when they participate in editorial decision-making.” O’Rielly’s comments indicated that it is unlikely to support the Trump administration’s petition, submitted by the NTIA, asking the FCC to reinterpret Section 230 of the Communications Etiquette Act in order to limit legal protections for social media platforms to host third-content. The party is when the platforms remove or alter content that they consider spam.

Simington had a role in drafting Trump’s executive order in May that encouraged the FCC to rethink how Section 230 of the Communications Etiquette Act protected social media platforms from liability for the content they host. According to the Washington Post.

Trump nominated O’Reilly for another five-year term on the FCC in March, but withdrew the nomination following O’Reilly’s comments. Symington’s nomination would need Senate approval. O’Reilly could serve on the committee until the end of 2020 if the Senate doesn’t make a decision on the nomination before then, but he is He will have to leave If Simington officially got the job. O’Rielly’s FCC term technically expired in June 2019.

Trump needs three votes

Trump who gets angry Twitter and Facebook transaction From his positions, he needs three votes on the five-member FCC to approve the NTIA petition. Democrats oppose it, saying the petition amounts to the FCC becoming “the president’s speech police.”

Trump has the support of Republican FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr, who has done so openly and repeatedly Support the Trump campaign on social media Twitter is criticized for Added validation of Trump’s allegations Mail ballots would be “substantially fraudulent”.

The question mark is Chairman Ajit Bay, who has not publicly interfered with the Trump administration’s petition. Bai took public comments on the petition and called forA heated debateTrump’s willingness to replace O’Reilly indicates that he could try to do the same with Bay if the chair did not do the White House’s request.

If Joe Biden wins the presidency, the Democrats will regain the FCC majority. Bay could remain on the FCC if Trump wins re-election, but typically FCC chairs step down at the end of the presidency even if the White House does not change. Some details complicate matters – Bay’s term runs through mid-2021, and he can continue serving until 2022 if a replacement is not nominated and approved by the Senate. But if Trump gets a second term and does not leave Bay of his own volition, Trump will have a chance to replace Bay once his term officially expires in mid-2021.

During the Obama administration, bye claimed That the White House orchestrated the FCC’s imposition of network neutrality rules and said, “We shouldn’t be a rubber stamp for the political decisions that the White House makes.” Trump plays a much more direct role in attempting to set FCC policy by replacing O’Reilly, but Bay has not publicly leveled the same criticism of Trump that he directed at President Obama.

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