Twitch’s Trump ban sustained after leaving office

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On Wednesday, an automated Twitch account banning alert included a somewhat surprising account name: “DonaldTrump”. The surprise came because Twitch actually was The former president’s official Twitch Channel “suspended indefinitely” on January 7In the wake of his discord-stirring speech on January 6 – W. Increase in Trump’s removal of platforms as a result.

After this Wednesday’s warning, Twitch assured Ars Technica that this was no coincidence: Trump’s account is completely banned. Twitch continues to describe the ban as an “indefinite suspension,” but has not provided any timeline for returning it or steps that his account holders (either Trump himself or any representatives) would take to reverse the decision. Wednesday’s news is in line with Tuesday’s claim by DW News reporter Dana Regev, Who hinted that Twitch is waiting even after President Biden’s inauguration to make a firmer decision on the previous ban.

The service took the rare step of determining the exact cause of the ban, a courtesy that is generally not limited to those affected. This lack of clarity was especially apparent when Twitch offered no explanation Ban Guy “Disrespectful Doctor” Bim In the wake of Spreading misleading information about COVID-19.

In the case of Trump, Twitch cited the “continuing risk of further incitement to violence” as the main reason for the ban. The statement, as issued by a Twitch representative to Ars Technica, continued:

The President’s remarks continue to be interpreted as calls to action, and we are taking this action to eliminate the potential for harm to our community and the general public.

Twitch has clear rules prohibiting hateful behavior, harassment, or incitement to violence against our service, and we take into account off-duty events when making enforcement decisions. However, events in recent weeks have highlighted a gap in terms of speech promoting violence, regardless of whether or not it was broadcast live on Twitch. We will update our policies as a result of our study of this situation.

Twitch recently introduced comprehensive new rules to allow moderators to take context into account when deciding whether content qualifies as “obnoxious” speech. In December, its official channel cited player-specific slang terms as examples of this context-sensitive approach, but The resulting video has become widely referred to as an official word ban And a hint of whack-a-mole jargon, rather than an all-encompassing example of upcoming moderate changes.

Today’s statement strongly suggests that Twitch’s shifting stance to rules is far from over, with an apparent focus on enforcing the rules based on data coming out of Twitch video streams.

Feel bad, man

The DonaldTrump account, launched in October 2019, was used for either live broadcasting or rebroadcasting of official Trump speeches and affiliate events, rather than hosting the service’s usual gaming-related video streams – all while hosting a chat channel for the account’s followers. Twitch has always had issues with chat toxicity, especially with so many streamers continuing to adopt it Meme “baby frog” Without condemning White supremacists embrace the icon (Fact led Its original creator to sue those who chose the photo without his consent).

Trump’s Twitch account has been in hot shape before, due to its rebroadcast of rule-breaking speeches. The last temporary ban on his channel, which was enacted on June 29, happened because it broadcast his infamous statements about sending Mexico … rapists to the United States.

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